That Michelle Yeoh interview is whew! She has so much heart

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Jan 6Liked by David Chen

Much to agree with on your list, Dave. Especially glad to see PREY in your top 10...dang, but it would have been *great* to see that movie in the theatre!

But a question: unless I missed it (and I double-checked), did NOPE not even receive an honorable mention from you?? I know you had problems with the film and felt it didn’t hang together as well as Peele’s other movies, but...c’mon man!! NOPE was so full of ideas, and contained such astonishing, memorable images, I had to go see it twice just to take it all in again. (The other two movies I saw more than once this year--felt I HAD to see more than once--were Tár and Everything Everywhere All at Once.)

I’d also give an honorable mention to Barbarian, such a nifty little *ride* of a horror movie (superior to the more popular Smile, IMO), with some wild twists and a great balance of being funny AND scary. Plus I always root for “small” movies that take risks and achieve their aims.

And yes, EEAAO was my #1 film this year...been a long time since a movie just knocked me out like it did!

Thanks for all your work, Dave, and happy New Year! - CDMatthew in Boston

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Wow, no After Yang? Thought you loved it.

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Fire of Love felt like watching a volcano doc directed by Wes Anderson. It was fascinating, tragic, and stylish.

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