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Great Newsletter Dave. I hope humanity can evolve to be more empathetic and compassionate as a whole. It would make us a more efficient and functional species in the long run, which is what these cruel people think they’re advocating for.

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Thanks for the book recommendation! Not that it will make much difference to Trump die hards but maybe seeing all the cruelty in one place will persuade a few people I know.

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-Space X astronauts on Mars anchoring a habitat into place.

“Hey Johnson.”

“Go ahead Blake.”

“Apparently Musk is pissed that we didn’t take a photo of the sunset like he wanted.”


“He wouldn’t fire us and stop shipping us food because we are non-essential would he?”



Blake turns to see Johnson skip-hopping back to the hab.

“Blake, where’s the camera?!?!?”

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Why wouldn’t they worry about stuff like that based on his behaviors?

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