"It’s a level of generosity that is somewhat rare in movies these days and I appreciated it."

Feel that way about you as a critic and producer. You are an impeccable and generous engineer creating a media culture that brings people into each other's awareness and empowers them to take chances knowing they aren't doing it alone.

Only other person I'd put on a similar level is FD Signifier on YouTube for cultural and political commentary. He similarly has a unique gift for bringing together and empowering like minds.

Which is why I'll probably never take my career as high as it could go. The Daniels made it all the way to the Oscars, but they had to stop listening to your podcasts??? A price too high!

Leave the Oscar, bring the Chen.

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Hi Dave. Given that you’ve become quite adept at creating very good Tik Tok videos, are you concerned about the platform being shut down? (I mean in a personal sense, setting aside the large political and cultural implications.) Or will you simply shrug and focus on your other SM activities. I’m actually not on Tik Tok, but I enjoy seeing Tik Tok content when a good vid pops up on one of the platforms that I DO use. Interested in your thoughts. Thank you!

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Yeah, it’s sad politicians come in with minds made up and instead of having an open mind, they just use opportunities to learn as a campaign add. Feeling so much disappointment and doubt in leaders can have a side-effect of feeling lonely and helpless for some reason - so thanks for sharing and reminding that it’s not only ok to feel that way, but that we SHOULD feel that way. Have a good weekend.

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