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I went to see it just yesterday, knowing very little about it, save for Dave's recommendation, and I'm...glad I saw it?? (Mostly??) It's one of those movies that has SO MUCH going on, and is SO AUDACIOUS in its direction and intricate plotting and over-the top operatic emotions and themes, and amazing action sequences, that I couldn't help but be impressed and dazzled by it. And yet...although I was discomfited by some elements of the film--and you know what they are--I came away from OLDBOY not *feeling* much about it. Reading some stuff afterward and knowing how influenced Park Chan-wook was by greek mythology, I think I might have enjoyed it more (if "enjoy" is the right word) if I had viewed it from the get-go as a fable. One thing I loved, though, without reservation, was its use of voiceover, which is always a dangerous device...it can either work beautifully (as in GOODFELLAS or TAXI DRIVER) or be a big annoyance (as IN INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE), but I can't imagine this vengeance-thriller/fable without the main character leading us along on the journey. Thanks, Dave, for pointing me to this unique and unusual cinematic experience.

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Yes, it’s probably a masterpiece and yes, one should go in without spoilers. But I watched it for the first time last night and that was... really a tough sit at times. So be forewarned, viewer!

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I’m with you Joy! I also watched it for the first this weekend and it was definitely uncomfortable, but I am glad I saw it!

I audibly gasped several times while I watched it, definitely excellent and unapologetic storytelling in my opinion!

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I saw it over the weekend and it was probably one of the top 10 movie going experiences I have had. I had seen it before but never on the big screen.

One weird thing though: I got the vibe that most people in the theater had seen the movie before and many of them giggled at some of the… foreshadowing. My wife had never seen the film and luckily it didn’t spoil it for her but I was terrified they were going to ruin the experience. It was almost like a collective group going “oh wait for this part!”

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Aug 31, 2023·edited Aug 31, 2023

Hey I saw you complemented the new translation in your review. There was one thing that bothered me though. In the old translation Lee Woo Jin said "my sister and I loved each other despite everything, can you do the same?" Whereas in the new translation the line is "my sister and I loved each other even though we knew everything, can you do the same?" which makes less sense.

I was a bit pulled out of the movie for a moment because I always liked that line.

Seeing it in the theatre was a great experience though.

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