Not surprising when it didn't perform well at the box office when:

- The studio didn't know what to do with the main character, wrote her out of Endgame and didn't give her a stand-alone sequel. She's overpowered and has little personality.

- They put her with two characters from TV shows, which a big chunk of the target audience doesn't bother with.

- It's a follow-up to a movie that did well financially but didn't go down well with fans.

- The film had four weeks of reshoots and the premiere date was pushed back multiple times.

- Director Nia DaCosta said the current state of the MCU confused her, and now seems to want to distance herself from the film, saying "It is a Kevin Feige production, it's his movie" That doesn't sound like someone who is proud of the end product.

- Marvel has had a terrible track record recently, with the only real exception being GOTG 3, and it sounds like that only worked because James Gunn was allowed to call the shots.

- The promotional campaign was terrible. The first few trailers were goofy, giving Thor: Love and Thunder flashbacks, then suddenly we get a 'serious' trailer, including Tony Stark and Captain America, which reeked of desperation.

- Let's be honest - A large chunk of the male audience won't be interested in this.

- Like it or not, superhero fatigue is real. Marvel has been going for 15 plus years and revolutionised the Blockbuster scene. But after Endgame, things have felt disjointed, directionless, and low-quality.

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What misogyny are you referring to? Movie fans in general don't like underdeveloped characters and forced narratives with sole purpose of pushing a particular agenda, which is what most of this movies have been doing after Endgame. So stop using the misogyny excuse and start pointing out the main reason why this movies have failed: woke culture, bad storytelling and underwhelming characters.

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I know they're not MCU, but it makes me wonder what the opening weekends will be like for Madame Web (who?) and Kraven.

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You’d think they would have learned from the lack-luster response of Agents of Shield when they tried tying it all together.

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