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Welcome to Decoding Everything by me, David Chen! I’ve been reviewing movies and TV on the internet since 2007. I spent nine years working as a marketer at Microsoft and Amazon. My podcasts have been featured or mentioned in online publications such as NPR, Vox Media, and Vulture. My video work has been featured or mentioned in Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Slate, Indiewire, Cosmopolitan, and Vimeo Staff Picks.

Decoding Everything is a newsletter featuring all the stuff that I’m passionate about. Movie and TV news and reviews. Conversations about the internet and politics, photography and filmmaking. Podcasting and technology. And some other fun surprises.

I don’t expect to hit your inbox more than a few times per week. You can also log in to the website to read the full archives and other posts as they are published.

Also, if you’re interested in more of my work, here’s a bunch of other stuff I’m making on the internet:

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I've been reviewing film/TV online for 15 yrs. My newsletter is Decoding Everything, where I write about pop culture, tech, & the media. I host and produce the following shows: Decoding TV, A Cast of Kings, The Filmcast, and The Tobolowsky Files.